[serving up] b.bar

Hello and welcome to b.bar!  My name is Betsey, and I’m so happy you stopped by.  B.bar is all about celebration, and was started when I realized that I needed to celebrate more in life.  As a former corporate event planner that obsessed over work, I know all about working too hard and playing too little.  When department budget cuts left me without a job, it was the perfect opportunity to make a change.  And so began my quest to find more reasons to celebrate and enjoy life every day.

The first step of that quest was to find a better way to make a living that satisfied my need for creativity.  Enter b.bar.  B.bar is sooo Betsey, combining the things I love – gifts, events and all things celebration.  I wanted my business to be the ultimate reflection of myself, and that made me want to be a better person.  I now have this dynamic company that’s growing right along with me, and I couldn’t be more proud. 

Which brings me to this blog.  This is where Betsey and b.bar come together.  I hope that with each post, you’ll find some celebration inspiration to take with you.  Join me for Make It Mondays, where I’ll show you a great DIY project that will make you jump for joy!  On Serve It Up Tuesdays, you’ll find simple food and drink ideas to serve at your next celebration.  Whatever Wednesdays offer randomness at its finest, covering whatever wonderfulness I’m into at the moment.  Party Time Thursdays show super cute party ideas that you can try out yourself.  I’ll also feature guest bloggers from time to time, as well as sneak peeks at amazing projects that b.bar takes on. 

So take a look around, and stop back anytime for a dose of celebration.  I think we can all benefit from finding more reasons to celebrate every day.  B.bar is that place where it’s ok to celebrate, to look for things to be excited about, to look for reasons to have fun in life.  I like to think that b.bar is serving up celebrations.