Thursday, June 30, 2011

Party Time Thursday – A Sunny Soirée

Nothing makes me think of sunny days more than the color yellow, which just happens to be trending this season!  Incorporating this vibrant hue into your summer party is easier than you think… check out these sunny inspirations.

Flowers just might be the simplest way to bring yellow to your celebration.  Display in clusters around the party, or accent with a single bloom in a pretty vase.



If flowers aren’t your style, try filling clear vases and jars with sliced lemons or candy.  Save the empty vases and jars you have around your home, or stock up at your local thrift store.

Adorn your desserts with yellow touches, too!  This wedding cake seen at The Knot is lovely, but you could do something similar on a smaller scale.  Try displaying cupcakes in yellow baking cups or add yellow royal icing flowers to them.  

And don’t forget the party favors!  A pretty favor will allow you to send the sunny party home with your guests.  Both of the favors shown here are handmade and available on Etsy.

If yellow by itself is a little too much for you, try pairing it with another color.  Yellow and aqua together feels sort of vintage, while yellow paired with grey or yellow and black seems very modern.  Don’t be afraid to play with this fun color – it really can add so much to your next celebration!


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  1. This post is awesome! I love it :) Thanks for sharing! -jessica


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