Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's Spooky Out There!

My husband and I bought our first home about this time last year, and we’ve been here ever since.  However, settling in and getting used to keeping up a home, inside and out, took priority, and we never really had a chance to decorate the outside of our home for the holidays.  That’s why this Halloween I was determined to add some spooky touches to our front yard - I just didn’t want to spend too much time or money in the process!  What I ended up with was both simple and inexpensive – take a look!

Remember the creepy dollar store skeleton head that got a makeover last week?  Well, I went back and bought all his friends to make up the black skull lined walkway.  I just skipped the last step of adding glitter this time, since I was feeling lazy wanted to keep them shiny instead.  By the way, I’d like to mention here that when you do find super cheap decorations like this, buy them all up!  If you only buy one or two, you’ll wish you had more.  On my second trip to the dollar store, I had a minor panic attack when I thought the rest of the hideous skulls were gone, only to discover they’d just been moved.  Phew!  When you buy a lot of them, I guarantee you’ll find something to do with them.  Be sure to explain this theory to your dear family, or they’ll wonder why you’re walking in with three bags of skulls…

Anyway, these heads happened to have a hole in the bottom of them already, so I just stuck in a bamboo skewer and hot glued it into place before they were painted by my sweet hubby.  I pushed them into the ground along the sidewalk, then positioned the foam tombstones into place and accented with the ever popular spider web-in-a-bag.  See?  Simple and inexpensive outdoor Halloween decorations, just in time for trick or treaters next weekend.

Check back tomorrow to learn how to make the tombstones yourself!


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